Thursday, August 30, 2012

Masterpiece: Bernhard MKIII

Bernhard MKIII 

Bernhard MKIII Exclusive Review
Bernhard MKI was designed for the first time as travel vehicle ("blakmajik" zeppelin) along with chest that enable me to carry loot from every corner of Anvil world, its size is about 1/3 of Bernhard MKIII. then i began to interested in equip the airship with complete feature like enchantment table, crafting table, furnaces, brewery, bed etc. Equiped with all of those feature i started to name the airship with Bernhard MKII title. but after i use mod that include fire creeper Bernhard MKII was burned during the journey, so then i try to make another one. this time i equip the ship with destructive element such as TNT drop, Fire Charge Dispenser and thanks to sirentropy in minecraftforum so the last weapon is CANNONS!!!. so this time i let you see every section of the airship.
The side view of the airship.
The Front view.
this is the rear view where the main gate located, ok lets get in.
you see that the rusted metal next to the ladder, it is windlass used for anchor the ship.
you can also use its chain as ladder to go up.
allright lets open up the gate behind that door.
there you go.
there are about 3 main floor on the airship section, the first floor is explosive drop facility.
near to the explosive drop facility there is an enchantment library.
then on the second floor there is a navigation deck. it is designed to make me able to target the tnt drop accurately, since the glass block that enable me to let see where the TNT will explode.
also you can see there is Aether pump and Water pump with the lever on its top. Aether pump enable the airship to flight while the water pump enable the airship to submerge under water. then you can also see there is about three cannons on its front. lets use those pumps...
now get ready to submerge :)
there are about 5 water pump to submerge this ship, the more pump we had the more power to submerge under water. that work similarly with aether pump.
ok enough with the pumps lets go to the next floor.
so in this picture i acctually stepped on the brewery. in this floor there is brewery, furnace, crafting tabble, and Vulcan Dispenser facility :)
allright you see that!!! these redstone is used for triger about 18 dispenser in the outer side of airship third floor. so there is a ladder to go to upper floor, but hold a sec i want to let you see another room that located on the backside of this floor.
ok the next room is my bedroom, it is the safest place on this airship. it is my favourite place when it comes to night :)
so the last floor is the rooftop. nothing really special, this is where the cannons can shoot farther than the cannons from the second floor. allright maybe you are confussed with the scheme of this airship so i think it might be good if i cut the airship into half section.
Bernhard MKIII is designed to be an airship with maximum capability but minimum at its size, so the airship are able to get into the Ash Envale castle. This is the main challenge of the complex design.
i will make video of Bernhard MKIII in Fuyu no Sakura, so you can watch it on TV mod while you play minecraft.

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