Friday, November 29, 2013

Fallen Angel: After the Struggle

After a while i developed minecraft:FallenAngel... i began to realize something
Why are you so sure that live in heaven will be much better than live in the world?
I think you will get bored once you can get everything that you want... or else maybe you will not even need anything in there
The happiness will fade as the sadness gone

of course you can get everything that you need or what you want in creative mode... you can build anything easily in relatively short time.... you will not get harmed by nature and the darkness... but the things that you should know was you will get bored after several hour playing this game.
the same case when you play survival mode or hardcore mode along together with nei or tmi mod.... the hardcore mod will only be a joke to play....
escape from monsters... strive to survive... struggle to build a shelter... was one of the fun factors of this game... it works also on the real life

Safety first... work for money... build a house etc was the hardship burden we have got... but it will create our satisfaction once we achieve one of our dream... human will only feel happy if they have understand the sadness or hardships... hence you will see this world was just like a game.... this world was beautiful.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MC 1.2.5 FAFnS : Feedback

i have no idea if there is chance that FAFnS will still crashing... it works just fine on my pc
therefore i will post a fix as feedback from people who had problem playing FAFnS recently


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mc FA"FnS" Tutorial: Research

have you ever think about how did we manage to find a sword recipe in the first time... how to craft a torch etc.... we have to open internet and look for an adjacent recipe... on the research crafting system all you have to do is put an item on empty research slot and research it... then you have to wait till an idea comes for craft recipe.... so all the thing you need to do in order to get recipe were:
1. Open research GUI
2. put all of the item that might be able to be crafted
3. wait till a recipe found (found an idea)... if the result is uninteresting... that mean there will be no recipe found for further research

-this crafting system enable us to search every recipe in game without opening internet
-there would be no experienced minecrafter... since everyone should research a recipe from scratch
-give player better survival experience and improve whole minecraft gameplay
-it proved me right that this is the most interesting way to unlock every unknown recipe... some recipe are just powerfull and hardcore enough to craft... there was so many secret that you will find while maybe some other people unable to find what you get... if you smart enough... and lucky :)
-there is a chance that you will lose an item when you researching for a recipe... of course losing stone block will not bother you so much... but when it comes to diamond... i am certain that you will back up your save first
-recipe randomly researched... even though you know the recipe the result might be diferent from what you expected.... so you need to keep repeat researching with the same resources

wooden plank (single item)
1. put some wood blocks on available empty slot on research GUI then press research
2. wait till a recipe found... make sure your hunger bar is full for maximum speed of research time
3. then there will be a wooden plank recipe as a result
4. open your inventory then craft some wooden plank... so that mean you have unlocked wooden plank recipe... congratulation

wooden pickaxe (multiple item as resources)
1. put some wooden planks AND sticks on available empty slot on research GUI then press research.... you need to research wooden plank and stick first
2. wait till a recipe found... make sure your hunger bar is full for maximum speed of research time
3. there will be variety of recipe you will get... you need to keep searching for a wooden pickaxe recipe... well it take sometimes... it wasn't easy for the first day to survive Posted Image
4. after you get the recipe then craft the pickaxe right away... the same thing with stone pickaxe... just keep researching.... it will be better if you research everything at night rather than go out in the middle of the night.... the enemy was just insane... you will get trouble if you aren't lucky hahaha

the more item type you put into research... the more high chance that you will find a recipe with complex item to combine... however recipe can also be found in dungeon chest.
It was hard i know... i would like to consider the difficulties as challenge