Friday, September 21, 2012

Fuyu no Sakura: Great Song's

I never heard such beautiful songs like these before... i'm gonna definitely add this song into minecraft after all of the the sounds captured 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Masterpiece: Bernhard MKVIII "Dragonbane"

Bernhard MKVIII "Dragonbane"

Bernhard MKVIII "Dragonbane" Exclusive Review

Bernhard MKVIII is an airship that specially designed to battle with armed with Anti Air Armament and not easily destroyed...but it need some crew to make a better performance...
this is the side view....
and then the front view....
it also equiped with ship gate in the back side of the airship....
allright lets ride this Airship....
the gate can be closed from above the gate itself
the glass is to make sure the gate is already closed or not....
while from the inside of the gate....there is an inner deck....and a rapid pulse generator redstone...
Bernhard MKVIII main armament is 2 Flak Cannons and triple SirEntropy Cannons, while there is also 2 simple dispenser and single dispenser V2 as its secondary also powered by rapid pulse generator redstone.....
 allright that's it....
you can watch me fight the Enderdragon with "Dragonbane" if you want

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fuyu no Sakura: Shuriken

actually this is a texture that replace the previous diamond boomerang texture....i wonder which better but i personally prefer this one than the old one....
 it looks better when spinning in the air...

Fuyu no Sakura: Grappling Hook and Boomerang

 Both of this weapon is my i interested to upgrade its textures.
 Wooden Boomerang shoot
 and Next is...
 Diamond Boomerang....i'd rather call it Shuriken though :D
 i make it so diamond boomerang has range farther than wooden boomerang...
 When it hit something....boomerang will bounce and turn around

 pretty fun....

Grappling Hook
i used to have both item Gauntlet same in make it different i intentionally upgrade one of them...which in this case i upgrade Grappling hook gauntlet...
Even the title screen....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fuyu no Sakura: Dispenser V2 new Texture

so its looks like this...
the new dispenser able to shoot farther than the old dispenser...

and i also upgrade Laser block textures...


a new Title Screen...
First i want to show you my First Class Hunter Equipment....
From Left to right:
1. Grappling Hook
2. Flint and Steel
3. Diamond Sword
4. Wireless Map
5. Wireless Tracker
6. Crossbow
7. Musket
8. Blunderbus
9. Backpack

Wireless Tracker is a great item to locate EnderDragon by looking into Wireless lets get into the Final Battle
it is hard to keep stay still on the aircraft....somehow i need to enchant my boot for Free Fall Damage....because it is impossible to attack EnderDragon with Horizontal Cannon...anyway it is fun to fight EnderDragon isn't it? here we go again
Thanks for Watching :D

Actually i was cheating, i just tested Bernhard MKV so you see me using NEI and i use the best armor i've ever had...i also forgot to mention throwable TNT as another equipment :D

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bernhard Series Catalogue

(+) = Proficiency
(-) = Weakness
1st Arm = Main Armament
2nd Arm = Secondary Armament
Att = Threat Rating scale range 0-5
Def = Defence Rating scale range 0-5

Bernhard MKII
Vehicle Type : Logistic Carrier
(+) : Luxury place to live in
(-) : too vulnerable
1st  Arm : none
2nd Arm : none
Att : 0
Def : 0

Bernhard MKIII

Vehicle Type : Armed Logistic Carrier
(+) : Armed with 3 type of weapon, has complete basic necessary facilities
(-) : too large, too vulnerable, too many crew needed for a better performance, not reliable.
1st  Arm : TNT Drop Facility
2nd Arm : Cannons and Vulcan Dispensers
Att : 2.0
Def : 3.5

Bernhard MKIV "EnderGhast"
Vehicle Type : Swarm Fighter
(+) : Smallest Size "Nether Airship", suitable for Mass Production, Easy to Handle, hard to target, and Reliable
(-) :  vulnerable from even a single cannon attack, Narrow vision
1st  Arm : Single Cannon
2nd Arm : none
Att : 4.0
Def : 1.0

Bernhard MKV "X-Slime"
Vehicle Type : Air Fighter
(+) : Wide Vision Range, Armored with 4 side corner wing, Easy to build, Finest Fighter Aircraft Potential
(-) : trouble comes when there is direct impact to the inner aircraft
1st  Arm : Dual Cannons
2nd Arm : none
Att : 4.0
Def : 4.5

Bernhard MKVI "MutantCreeper"
Vehicle Type :  Bombardier
(+) : Long Range Artilery, Suicidal Bomber, Finest Siege Ability
(-) : Explosion Vurnerable, Long range artilery will only work if it deployed/anchored
1st  Arm : TNT Launcher "Aerial Faith"
2nd Arm : Self Destruction
Att : 5.0
Def : 0.5

Bernhard MKVII "GatlingSkeleton" 
Vehicle Type : Destroyer
(+) : Relatively Small size, Air Raid special ability, Varies Amunition, Long Range Inferno Launcher
(-) : Narrow Vision Range, Vulnerable to Fighter type aircraft
1st  Arm : 3 Vulcan Dispenser powered by Rapid Pulse Generator
2nd Arm : none
Att : 3.8
Def : 2.0

Bernhard MKVIII "Dragonbane"
Vehicle Type : Naval Fighter
(+) : Equiped with Anti Air Flak Cannon, Relatively tough from damage, it provide really great attack range vision, able to carry logistic objective, outstanding and fairly reliable.
(-) : need about 3 crew or more to make a better performance, it is hard to build so the production rate will be low, Easily detected...
1st  Arm : Double Flak Cannon and Triple Common Cannon
2nd Arm : 2 Common Dispenser and single Dispenser V2
Att : 4.3
Def : 4.8
Info :

Bernhard MKIX "Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum"
Vehicle Type : Mecha Armor
(+) : Equiped with TNT Spread Cannon "Left Arm", Divine Blade "Right Arm", 9 Vulcan Dispenser "Torso", 4 direction forward movement and able to lift up/down for addition.
(-) : need about 2 crew or more to make a better performance, it is hard to build so the production rate will be low, Easily detected... and slow Walker.
1st  Arm : 9 Vulcan Cannon
2nd Arm : TNT Cannon (Ugocraft Cannon)
Att : 5.0
Def : 1.0
Info :

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fuyu no Sakura: Cannon Ball Texture

just a simple improvisation to make it looks better...

and let me show you an interesting picture

Creation: Bernhard MKII Rebuilt

i have redesign the Bernhard MKII and rebuilt again....with some improvisation....and new appearance....
this is not warfare vehicle....and the inside is looks like this....
it will be a nice place to live in

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Masterpiece: Bernhard MKVII "Gatling Skeleton"

Bernhard MKVII "Gatling Skeleton" Specification
Crew : it need only just 1 Person to Unleash Hell
Size : 8 x 9 Block
Arms : 3 Dispenser
Special Technology : Rapid Pulse Generator
Ammunition : Arrow, Firecharge, CannonBall
Reliability : Fine
Creation Difficulties : Normal
Threat Rating : 4.5 out of 5

Bernhard MKVII "Gatling Skeleton" Exclusive Review
this time i use more advance technology such as rapid pulse generator that i research before to improve the Indonesian pride Bernhard series :D....then i got this new idea from FatherToast Special Mobs mod....there is a skeleton that has the ability to shoot rapidly....the name is Gatling Skeleton.....
The "Gatling Skeleton" is able to conceal his weapon and close his eyes just like Bernhard MKIV "Enderghast"
and here is the deck interior
here you can see it just like skeleton head from the side view
and here is the Massive Attack...
there is cannonball on the left, Arrow in the middle, and Firecharge on the right side...
the cannonball has the middle attack is more farther than arrow....while the firecharge has the most farthest distance. Arrows has just low range and low damage....but this ammunition is the true identity of skeleton.
Here is a short video