Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NonMinecraft: Jagged Alliance 2 + 1.13 Review

if you interested with a game that has unique gameplay let me recommend you Jagged Alliance 2 with "1.13" mod...in this game....you are receive a sacred duty to give people of Arulco a freedom from Deidranna tyranny...so as a leader you will get some funds to recruit more MERCs and you can also buy them equipments or Weapons. Every game feature in JA2+1.13 is detailed and simply amazing....you will get many interesting warfare experience...a large area to explore....numerous quest to solve.....and many secret or rare item to discover....you can order your militia....you can occupy or siege a town.....you will not realize dozen of hours that have been through....allright here is some screenshots....
Even though there is GTAIV, SaintRows, Just Cause 2, Minecraft, Batman AC, Fallout New Vegas in my PC....i still have this JA2+1.13 installed on my PC.....Today JA BIA and Crossfire has already out....but JA2+1.13 still more outstanding better than its sequel....i told you JA2+1.13 is the must play game.

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