Saturday, September 15, 2012


a new Title Screen...
First i want to show you my First Class Hunter Equipment....
From Left to right:
1. Grappling Hook
2. Flint and Steel
3. Diamond Sword
4. Wireless Map
5. Wireless Tracker
6. Crossbow
7. Musket
8. Blunderbus
9. Backpack

Wireless Tracker is a great item to locate EnderDragon by looking into Wireless lets get into the Final Battle
it is hard to keep stay still on the aircraft....somehow i need to enchant my boot for Free Fall Damage....because it is impossible to attack EnderDragon with Horizontal Cannon...anyway it is fun to fight EnderDragon isn't it? here we go again
Thanks for Watching :D

Actually i was cheating, i just tested Bernhard MKV so you see me using NEI and i use the best armor i've ever had...i also forgot to mention throwable TNT as another equipment :D

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