Friday, November 29, 2013

Fallen Angel: After the Struggle

After a while i developed minecraft:FallenAngel... i began to realize something
Why are you so sure that live in heaven will be much better than live in the world?
I think you will get bored once you can get everything that you want... or else maybe you will not even need anything in there
The happiness will fade as the sadness gone

of course you can get everything that you need or what you want in creative mode... you can build anything easily in relatively short time.... you will not get harmed by nature and the darkness... but the things that you should know was you will get bored after several hour playing this game.
the same case when you play survival mode or hardcore mode along together with nei or tmi mod.... the hardcore mod will only be a joke to play....
escape from monsters... strive to survive... struggle to build a shelter... was one of the fun factors of this game... it works also on the real life

Safety first... work for money... build a house etc was the hardship burden we have got... but it will create our satisfaction once we achieve one of our dream... human will only feel happy if they have understand the sadness or hardships... hence you will see this world was just like a game.... this world was beautiful.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MC 1.2.5 FAFnS : Feedback

i have no idea if there is chance that FAFnS will still crashing... it works just fine on my pc
therefore i will post a fix as feedback from people who had problem playing FAFnS recently


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mc FA"FnS" Tutorial: Research

have you ever think about how did we manage to find a sword recipe in the first time... how to craft a torch etc.... we have to open internet and look for an adjacent recipe... on the research crafting system all you have to do is put an item on empty research slot and research it... then you have to wait till an idea comes for craft recipe.... so all the thing you need to do in order to get recipe were:
1. Open research GUI
2. put all of the item that might be able to be crafted
3. wait till a recipe found (found an idea)... if the result is uninteresting... that mean there will be no recipe found for further research

-this crafting system enable us to search every recipe in game without opening internet
-there would be no experienced minecrafter... since everyone should research a recipe from scratch
-give player better survival experience and improve whole minecraft gameplay
-it proved me right that this is the most interesting way to unlock every unknown recipe... some recipe are just powerfull and hardcore enough to craft... there was so many secret that you will find while maybe some other people unable to find what you get... if you smart enough... and lucky :)
-there is a chance that you will lose an item when you researching for a recipe... of course losing stone block will not bother you so much... but when it comes to diamond... i am certain that you will back up your save first
-recipe randomly researched... even though you know the recipe the result might be diferent from what you expected.... so you need to keep repeat researching with the same resources

wooden plank (single item)
1. put some wood blocks on available empty slot on research GUI then press research
2. wait till a recipe found... make sure your hunger bar is full for maximum speed of research time
3. then there will be a wooden plank recipe as a result
4. open your inventory then craft some wooden plank... so that mean you have unlocked wooden plank recipe... congratulation

wooden pickaxe (multiple item as resources)
1. put some wooden planks AND sticks on available empty slot on research GUI then press research.... you need to research wooden plank and stick first
2. wait till a recipe found... make sure your hunger bar is full for maximum speed of research time
3. there will be variety of recipe you will get... you need to keep searching for a wooden pickaxe recipe... well it take sometimes... it wasn't easy for the first day to survive Posted Image
4. after you get the recipe then craft the pickaxe right away... the same thing with stone pickaxe... just keep researching.... it will be better if you research everything at night rather than go out in the middle of the night.... the enemy was just insane... you will get trouble if you aren't lucky hahaha

the more item type you put into research... the more high chance that you will find a recipe with complex item to combine... however recipe can also be found in dungeon chest.
It was hard i know... i would like to consider the difficulties as challenge

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Android

it's been a while since the last time i visit my own blog... it was awesome that i able to play minecraft on my android... however MCPE (minecraft pocket edition) wasn't really good... and still lack of mod... everything just seems undone yet... but then i found the game that has the same gameplay with MCPE and unexpectedly nice without multiplayer option.... the name is survivalcraft...

for now these are all of the application in my android... for optimum performance and handheld function quality

the most interesting things on my android is emulator... i can play all these my favorite games

Nintendo Dual Screen

Sony Play Station

Play Station Portable

and these are my favourite games... simply awesome

Front Mission 3

Hogs of War

 RoadRash JailBreak

Nuclear Strike

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why should I have to attend the happiness of others while I was walking in the darkness and struggling for a brighter future... I'm not gonna hurt myself

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mc Fallen Angel: Kenshiro mod alternate sound

i found my self interested in this mod a years ago...
 Kenshiro mod
this mod is both usefull and interesting... however the sound is just a bit too much... so i substitute all the sound with my own taste :)
now you can change its sound with this
Kenshiro soundpack: Castlevania

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Project: Mc1.5.2 FA

it is time to remake 1.5.2 version with a lot of mod... i can only say that 6uck that i am not able to use MoCreatures mod together with Tale of Kingdom... but it is allright it was still great without MoCreatures mod in my FA... because i still have so many mods installed... maybe you want to see what mods that i have used

then we can see from Craft Guide view
there is still many blocks and items that not include in craft guide.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mc1.2.5 FA FnS: BMKX02 "SoulCage"

The idea comes from a robot... so what is robot?... what make robot different from a machine?... as you have known a robot is a machine too... the difference is robot has AI "Artificial Inteligence"... so this time modification i made for Bernhard Mark X is addition of artificial intelligence.

BMKX02 "SoulCage"
Vehicle Type : Robot Vehicle
(+) : any mobs are able to ride this vehicle. Equiped with 4 Vulcan Dispenser each for 4 directions.
(-) : uncontrolable since the one that control this vehicle wasn't you.
1st  Arm : 4 Vulcan dispenser
2nd Arm : none
Att : 3.0
Def : 0.5 
Soul Cage mean a Soul in a cage... this vehicle need a soul to life
so lets open the upper trap door... this is where you can drop a mobs into the cage. but now let's get inside.
you see there are 4 pressure plate on four direction... each pressure plate will make the cage movement and shoot in the current chosen direction... the cage will keep move if you stand on the pressure plate.

okay it is simple right?... so all you need to do is just grab any mobs that you find then put them into the cage.

once you have filled the dispenser with cannon ball and gunpowder, or arrow, or maybe firecharge... the cage will start moving and shoot when the mobs step on pressure plate... you may consider again to build something like this near to your base :)

i am about to making a video for this BMKX02 when the nightmare comes... shit :D

Monday, July 1, 2013

Released: McFAFnS 2013, 23rd of June

Minecraft 1.2.5 Fallen Angel "Fuyu no Sakura"

There are so many things you can do along with its achievement... Enjoy every hour you spent 
it's time to make your own Mech Vehicle

 The last two mod that has been added was "SmartMoving" and "DragonMount"

Download Here:
Part1   190mb
Part2   190mb
Part3   190mb
Part4   23.4mb
Xuggle32bit Required for TV mod
note: xuggle 32 bit is available for windows 32 bit... you have to search it yourself if you have different Operating System... Otherwise you can just delete or ignore the TV mod

1. You need to install Java on your computer.
2. You need to install the Xuggle software on your computer.
3. Download the latest version of my Fallen Angel, unzip it, then put ".minecraft" folder on AppData/Roaming. for the windows xp case you will not be able to find "Roaming" folder so just put it on "AppData" folder instead. that will do just fine i guess.
4. BEFORE YOU STARTED!!! make sure to set spawn limits hostile=>100 in global option setting/ Dr Zhark's Mo'Creatures or else you will not see enemy comes in variety.

Fallen Angel "Fuyu no Sakura" is an improved version of minecraft 1.2.5. you can name it modpack since there are so many top mods included. my best choice of mods in minecraft 1.2.5 to improve gameplay and difficulties... i divide all these mods into 3 type of kind
1. Core Mods
Core mods is the mods that required for adding more another mods.
2. Jar Mods
Jar mods is the mods that potentially harming the jar... i take such risk to install these mods.
3. Ind Mods
Ind mods is the mods that easy to install... i just have to put the mods into the mods folder.
some mods are just can not to be found on newer version of minceraft... it also has better texture and sound than the original mc 1.2.5. almost all of the item and terrain texture has been improved...

 However there still some known bugs such as:
1. you will get crash when entering "End Dimension"... to solve this you should locate .minecraft/config/ModFossilOptions.cfg
then set SpawnShipWrecks=false
before entering the "end Dimension"
*note: normally this is ship wreck generator in overworld... it is nice to set "true" when you living on overworld... but when you entering "End Dimension" this mod is often make your loading crash.
2. abnormal texture on mobs might occured several times if you play with small RAM size. to solve this... please close minecraft... save and exit... then you start run the game again... the texture will back to normal.
3. Weird thing happen when you shot a fish with arrow... but it will not make game crashed... it's allright
4. make sure you have high RAM space to avoid Lag or even crash... make sure always backup your config, save and stats file.

all of the copyright issues are belong to Mojang, and several modder in MinecraftForum and MinecraftJPuser. I make no profit from this shared material and there are no any commercial purposes.

Appropriate Link:
Research Crafting System
Crash Fix

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mc 1.2.5 FnS: Fallen Angel's Sword

there are several texture i improved today... the most impressive were these two swords

and also the crossbow...i include the one that unloaded with bolt yet

and especially for this one... i got my self stuck in front of my pc for several hour

Fallen Angel's Sword

Saturday, May 25, 2013

non-minecraft: DotA Chronosphere Penetration

it's been a while since i had my time wasted to gather gold and slay another players in scourge... today i play as magnus the magnataur... and ofcourse my team was the winner for this battle... but the interesting thing is the ability of Magnus skill "Skewer" to penetrate Dark Terror "Chronosphere" and Yurnero "Omni Slash"

:D hahahaha

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mc1.2.5 FnS: Thaumcraft2 Research

recently i got my self stuck and wandering arround in the dungeon to search treasure for research a new thaumcraft recipe... so then finally i made it the first recipe ever in my whole life... it classified as "The Lost Knowledge" recipe

so here is the whole designed machine route to change "Vis" into item that explained on the recipe...

so the new item is a water source... it can be placed on the ground as you can see on the left bottom of the picture bellow.

researching a new recipe is unexpectedly difficult... it took me several hours to gather its required material without guarantee i will be succeed the research... it is pain in the ass when couple of hours wasted by failure research :D... well that was shit happen

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mc FnS: BMKX01 "The 100"

Mc FnS: BMKX01 "The 100"

I think Wolverine is much more better than this one... but BMKX has the major ability wolverine movement system which the size is smaller compared to BMKIX Wolverine... in my judgment:

Vehicle Type : Artilery Aircraft
(+) : Equiped with 100 TNT's that launched by one trigger, 3 Vulcan Dispenser, 4 direction forward movement and able to lift up/down for addition... Reliable to move... easy to control
(-) :  Easily destroyed.... consider... you bring 100 TNT along with you... and explode
1st  Arm : 100 TNT's
2nd Arm : 3 Vulcan Cannon
Att : 4.0
Def : 0.5

Let me show you how this killing machine bring out such a massive attack to my own castle.
Hell... :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mc FnS: BMKIXSVPP "Wolverine"

not really much to tell.... i guess the picture more than enough to show what i did...

Vehicle Type : Mecha Armor
(+) : Equiped with TNT Launcher Cannons and Claws while the other one equiped with chainsaw, 9 Vulcan Dispenser "Torso", 4 direction forward movement and able to lift up/down for addition.
(-) : need about 2 crew or more to make a better performance, it is hard to build so the production rate will be low, Easily detected... and slow Walker.
1st  Arm : TNT Cannon (Ugocraft Cannon), 9 Vulcan Cannon
2nd Arm : Claws, Chainsaw
Att : 5.0
Def : 1.0

Vehicle Type : Mecha Armor
(+) : Equiped with TNT Launcher Cannons and Claws for Both Arms (Double The Fun!!! :D), 9 Vulcan Dispenser "Torso", 4 direction forward movement and able to lift up/down for addition.
(-) : need about 2 crew or more to make a better performance, it is hard to build so the production rate will be low, Easily detected... and slow Walker.
1st  Arm : TNT Cannon (Ugocraft Cannon but now it able to explode instantly), 9 Vulcan Cannon
2nd Arm : Claws
Att : 7.0
Def : 1.0

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Minecraft FnS: B-MKIX-SVPP02 "Catastrophe"

This was a second version of MKIX...
there are so many improvement made inside and outside of his model.... i decide to replace both of his arms with TNT launcher....
though the TNT didn't explode instantly.... but it is fine, at least it potential harming nearby area once it deployed....

it used to be a peacefull small village

now... The Third Reich has come