Monday, March 25, 2013

Mc FnS: BMKX01 "The 100"

Mc FnS: BMKX01 "The 100"

I think Wolverine is much more better than this one... but BMKX has the major ability wolverine movement system which the size is smaller compared to BMKIX Wolverine... in my judgment:

Vehicle Type : Artilery Aircraft
(+) : Equiped with 100 TNT's that launched by one trigger, 3 Vulcan Dispenser, 4 direction forward movement and able to lift up/down for addition... Reliable to move... easy to control
(-) :  Easily destroyed.... consider... you bring 100 TNT along with you... and explode
1st  Arm : 100 TNT's
2nd Arm : 3 Vulcan Cannon
Att : 4.0
Def : 0.5

Let me show you how this killing machine bring out such a massive attack to my own castle.
Hell... :)

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