Monday, July 1, 2013

Released: McFAFnS 2013, 23rd of June

Minecraft 1.2.5 Fallen Angel "Fuyu no Sakura"

There are so many things you can do along with its achievement... Enjoy every hour you spent 
it's time to make your own Mech Vehicle

 The last two mod that has been added was "SmartMoving" and "DragonMount"

Download Here:
Part1   190mb
Part2   190mb
Part3   190mb
Part4   23.4mb
Xuggle32bit Required for TV mod
note: xuggle 32 bit is available for windows 32 bit... you have to search it yourself if you have different Operating System... Otherwise you can just delete or ignore the TV mod

1. You need to install Java on your computer.
2. You need to install the Xuggle software on your computer.
3. Download the latest version of my Fallen Angel, unzip it, then put ".minecraft" folder on AppData/Roaming. for the windows xp case you will not be able to find "Roaming" folder so just put it on "AppData" folder instead. that will do just fine i guess.
4. BEFORE YOU STARTED!!! make sure to set spawn limits hostile=>100 in global option setting/ Dr Zhark's Mo'Creatures or else you will not see enemy comes in variety.

Fallen Angel "Fuyu no Sakura" is an improved version of minecraft 1.2.5. you can name it modpack since there are so many top mods included. my best choice of mods in minecraft 1.2.5 to improve gameplay and difficulties... i divide all these mods into 3 type of kind
1. Core Mods
Core mods is the mods that required for adding more another mods.
2. Jar Mods
Jar mods is the mods that potentially harming the jar... i take such risk to install these mods.
3. Ind Mods
Ind mods is the mods that easy to install... i just have to put the mods into the mods folder.
some mods are just can not to be found on newer version of minceraft... it also has better texture and sound than the original mc 1.2.5. almost all of the item and terrain texture has been improved...

 However there still some known bugs such as:
1. you will get crash when entering "End Dimension"... to solve this you should locate .minecraft/config/ModFossilOptions.cfg
then set SpawnShipWrecks=false
before entering the "end Dimension"
*note: normally this is ship wreck generator in overworld... it is nice to set "true" when you living on overworld... but when you entering "End Dimension" this mod is often make your loading crash.
2. abnormal texture on mobs might occured several times if you play with small RAM size. to solve this... please close minecraft... save and exit... then you start run the game again... the texture will back to normal.
3. Weird thing happen when you shot a fish with arrow... but it will not make game crashed... it's allright
4. make sure you have high RAM space to avoid Lag or even crash... make sure always backup your config, save and stats file.

all of the copyright issues are belong to Mojang, and several modder in MinecraftForum and MinecraftJPuser. I make no profit from this shared material and there are no any commercial purposes.

Appropriate Link:
Research Crafting System
Crash Fix


  1. your first link is failed because it had a song of portal and mediafire blocked it.
    Re-upload it on other server please

    1. you were right... recently i just remove the password for the link and now maybe you can try to download the part 1

    2. It still prohibe the download, can you send it on dropbox? thanks

    3. i am lazy enough to upload this file... so i think you will able to download it with my mediafire account... so sign in first using my account on mediafire please
      Password : langkahbaru

    4. thanks, now i have the files ^^

  2. the guy does nothing for crafting in survival mode, I put the wood to get crafting and wood planks but does not appear to me to get the cattails

  3. It has different crafting system... Every recipe should be researched first... Press the Rbutton to open research GUI

    1. you got it.... also you should know that you cannot research any recipe while your hunger bar below 50%... you will get maximum speed when your hunger bar full

  4. would take this new way of crafting items and leave the old one?

    1. if you did not like this research crafting system... you can still change the crafting system to the vanilla minecraft crafting system.... which the old one is more familiar
      to do this:
      there is config file for research craft mod somewhere in .minecraft folder.... You may find it by using search feature in window Explorer.... The file name is... "mod_ResearchCraft.cfg"... Open it then set block recipe by default to false