Friday, July 12, 2013

Mc1.2.5 FA FnS: BMKX02 "SoulCage"

The idea comes from a robot... so what is robot?... what make robot different from a machine?... as you have known a robot is a machine too... the difference is robot has AI "Artificial Inteligence"... so this time modification i made for Bernhard Mark X is addition of artificial intelligence.

BMKX02 "SoulCage"
Vehicle Type : Robot Vehicle
(+) : any mobs are able to ride this vehicle. Equiped with 4 Vulcan Dispenser each for 4 directions.
(-) : uncontrolable since the one that control this vehicle wasn't you.
1st  Arm : 4 Vulcan dispenser
2nd Arm : none
Att : 3.0
Def : 0.5 
Soul Cage mean a Soul in a cage... this vehicle need a soul to life
so lets open the upper trap door... this is where you can drop a mobs into the cage. but now let's get inside.
you see there are 4 pressure plate on four direction... each pressure plate will make the cage movement and shoot in the current chosen direction... the cage will keep move if you stand on the pressure plate.

okay it is simple right?... so all you need to do is just grab any mobs that you find then put them into the cage.

once you have filled the dispenser with cannon ball and gunpowder, or arrow, or maybe firecharge... the cage will start moving and shoot when the mobs step on pressure plate... you may consider again to build something like this near to your base :)

i am about to making a video for this BMKX02 when the nightmare comes... shit :D

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