Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MC 1.2.5 FAFnS : Feedback

i have no idea if there is chance that FAFnS will still crashing... it works just fine on my pc
therefore i will post a fix as feedback from people who had problem playing FAFnS recently



  1. Friend, why out instead of making feedback you not updated modpack for 1.6.2 or 1.5.2 to fix the problems that we talked in private message her in minecraftforum.net

    Here is the forum angelusinferni it looks garando that you got up this update, youtube videos would pumping with about your modpack, and you would win mt with adf.ly for downloads: D

  2. it was nice to have myself play this game for about a year... now i think i am gonna retired a while... i do not know maybe i will play minecraft again someday... i did not intend to get any profit from this holy masterpiece of game ever... minecraft was the best game i've ever play... but i wouldn't mind if somebody update this FallenAngel: Fuyu no Sakura... anyway... thanks for playing