Saturday, September 1, 2012

Masterpiece: Bernhard MKIV "EnderGhast"

Bernhard MKIV "EnderGhast"

Bernhard MKIV "EnderGhast" Exclusive Review
After several hours research for a simple airship creation that has minimum size, reliable and easy to handle, now finally i found the best model of Bernhard MKIV. so the benefit will be easy to craft for mass production and every pilot with crew pilot equiped with a single cannon also make it relatively hard to target since it has small size yet powerfull. the next idea is come from Enderman and the result was great....alright lets look carefully :D

Here is the anchored state...
allright now lets get prepare to depart
allright you see that is next to the water pump....lets pull it
this is combination of Maocat Ugocraft and Sirentropy Ships and Boats.
then lets go out for a sec and see how the airship looks like...
you see now that cannon are ready to fire...since the outer face section is sliding up. Make sure no to denotate the cannon while the jaw isn't opened yet, or else you commit self destruction.......hahahha
allright that is the first step to depart. lets get back to the control room.
now you can close the back gates...
below the gates lever...there is a good spot for a ladder for letting me in or out without opening the gates. will do that lets pull up the lever.
allright lets get out from that hole to see how it's looks like from the outer side of airship.
now this airship ready to depart...but wait let see the front view of the airship...
its scary isn't it? lets compare to the Anchored State
i think ENDERGHAST is much more appropriate for the name :D

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